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How It All Started

A father would help his ten-year-old son mow lawns in their local neighborhood so the kid could have some extra spending money for the summer and learn the principles of hard work. Little did they know that those times in the summer sun together would be preparing them for what was to come. 

After working for a major company for years, the father was unfortunately laid off due to rough economic conditions. But he had no idea that God had bigger plans for his family's life, this was the test that would become his testimony.

With the father's obedience to God's will, his drive to provide for his family, and the natural entrepreneurship that ran through his blood; he decided to start mowing lawns on the weekends on top of his full-time job. Through time more opportunities and clients were gained both through friends and by word of mouth due to his work quality. Having serviced only residential properties to this point, in 2010 his home Church would become the first commercial client that would take risks with his small business. It was at that moment that, F.Y.I. Landscapes would become a Company and cross over into commercial properties and eventually, with the help of a group of amazing men, they would grow the company towards the vision he always had.

Through many restless weekends, being tight on money for years, and many sacrifices; he and his wife were able to support his son through college to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. 

Years later the son graduated with the intention of coming back home to help grow the company with the knowledge he gained throughout his years in college. That would come to fruition, completing a full circle and working side by side again with his father. 

The family agreed to always stick to the principles that lead them to where they are now. Follow God's lead, work hard, and continue to use this business as a ministry for our employees and customers. 

We here at F.Y.I. Landscapes pride ourselves on what we do and our way of achieving it. No matter how much we grow, we believe in treating every customer like family. Not only caring about them as a person but their soul as well.  

We have found that the key to a successful and long-term relationship is a strong line of communication. We believe that applying that commitment to our customers will yield the results they come to expect and trust from us as a company and individuals while allowing us the privilege to walk through this journey called life together.